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What is your choice for home improvement paint?

The problem of painting on the wall, if the painting is not good, not only directly affects the visual beauty of the interior, but also affects the overall process of home improvement. There are also many flaws and taboos when painting paint in homes. According to the most frequently encountered problems when painting walls on the home, you may wish to take a look.

1. How many times do you paint the ceiling and wall paint?

Generally speaking, if the background color of the wall is relatively shallow, the ceiling and wall paint brushes can be used twice, but if the background color is darker and the paint to be brushed is lighter, it should be based on the color of the paint. Brush the brush several times. However, it should be noted that the number of coating brushes is not as good as possible. If the number of coating brushes is too large, peeling and cracking may occur.

2. Is the nitro varnish on wood products generally brushed at least several times?

Since the paint film of nitro varnish is relatively thin, the painter should brush it several times according to the situation, and generally should brush at least six times. However, there is a premise that the painter should clean the surface of the paint before brushing each time to avoid covering the foreign matter with the paint behind.

3. Is the quality of the hand paint good or the quality of the paint?

Some home decoration adopts the oil mixing process (using blending paint, etc.). For those who don't understand the construction, this seems to be easier than varnish. In fact, this construction method is much more difficult than the varnish practice. The craft is a test. The work done by workers with poor craftsmanship is prone to brush marks. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of the project, many construction sites have begun to use the painting process for the construction of mixed oil. The quality of this approach is indeed much better than manual operation, but the disadvantage is that it is a waste of material.

4. What protective measures should the hardware take when the painter paints?

We sometimes find that when the painter paints, the hardware (such as door locks, hinges, etc.) installed on the wood products is also painted. As a result, the owner will find the surface of the hardware after the check-in. Corroded. Therefore, before the painter paints, he should attach a single-sided adhesive tape to the parts that are easily painted, and protect the hardware.

Basic knowledge:

1. Why do some wood products see pencil marks after painting?

Some painters are irresponsible in their work. Before you paint, do not check the surface of the woodwork. If there is any pencil mark left by the woodworking line that has not been rubbed, brush the paint directly, so that the pencil print will remain. The paint inside.

2. What type of paint is used?

There are many kinds of paints on the market today, and there are various brands. In fact, as long as it is a man-made chemical product, it contains more or less harmful substances. Under the price we can accept, we can't see which product is better.

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