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Do you understand the overall industry of the brush?

1. Horse nailing machine: The most traditional brushing process, after punching the surface of the brush or brush, use a horse nailing machine to implant the bristles into the brush roller or brush plate. The brush system products made by the process system are the most widely used. First, the cost is low, and the brush is a consumable item. The cost must be considered. However, the brush roller made of horse nails has several disadvantages: First, the density is not enough, because there must be a certain distance between each hole of the punching hair, and there is a gap to be able to plant a high density effect, in some special The industry requires high-density brush roller to work with this type of brush roller for hairdressing. Second, the bonding strength of the brush wire is not fast enough. The so-called horse nailing method is to use a wire to be pressed into a U through a convex groove. "Type buckle, used to hold the brush wire and implant into the punched hole. The "U" type buckle is inserted into the hole and then stuck deep into the hole, so that the brush wire is combined on the roller shaft, but the pulling force is limited. This process is not ideal if it is used on brush rolls that require high speeds in some special industries.

2, the tableting brush: the filaments are closely arranged together, and then placed in a specific mold, the steel sheet is made into a piece of brush wheel by a punching machine, and the plurality of brush wheels can be connected in series when the brush roller is made. They are fixed together on the roller shaft. The brush made by this process can achieve the highest brush density, but the disadvantage is that the cost is high and the efficiency is slow.

3. Spring brush: The brush roller made by the spring brush process solves the problems of high density and strong fastness. When manufacturing, the bristles are pressed into a strip or a stainless steel strip by a wire brush. The brush is then wound on the roller shaft, and the two ends are welded by sub-pot welding. In some special industrial production, a spring brush with a certain gap is also required, because special effects such as dust removal are taken into consideration.

4. Injection molding brush: The brush wire is arranged in a special mold, and then the brush wire and the brush plate are integrated by injection molding to form an integral body. The advantage of this process is that the bristle bonding force is high because it has been combined with the brush plate. Incorporating into one, the current sanitation car sweeping brush is made by this process.