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How to clean the paint brush

Paint brushes are the tools that we often use when using paint. After using them, many people don't know how to clean the paint brushes. So how do you know how to wash the paint brushes? Here is how to wash the paint brushes for you. Related content, I hope to be useful to you!


Method 1: Solvent

1. Brush the cloth or paper to the maximum to remove excess paint from it. This greatly facilitates the work of washing hands.

2. The cleaning brush is placed in a solvent and poured into a bowl or jar to release it from the paint. Alternatively, the edges can be pressed down against the walls of the can.

Here are some types of solvents:

Oil based coatings using mineral oil.

Use waterborne coatings: acrylic, watercolor, latex paint; the most white glue and binder wood.

Use a denatured alcoholic shellac.

Read the information on the label if you don't know what kind of paint to use.

3. Again, wipe off the residual solvent. When the solvent is water, you can skip this step.

4, rinse the tap water brush, you can rub it with your fingers, but be careful with the purple fur brush.

5. When the brush is clean, completely get rid of excess water from it. The table feeds the brush and then places it in the storage container until the tip of the brush shape is not deformed until it dries.

Method 2: Air Conditioning Brush

1. Wipe off excess paint from the brush. Wipe off the excess paint on the cloth or paper.

2. Mix 4 liters of water and half a cup of warm water fabric softener. This solution helps to alleviate the paint's licking brush.

3. A brush in a solution. Do this for a few seconds until the paint you see starts to fall.

4, shake off the excess air conditioning brush.

5. Brush the correct shape and dry normally.

Method 3: Vinegar

This saves the need to harden dirty brushes.

1. Soak the brush in vinegar for an hour. Check to soften your hair. If not, continue to soak for 1 hour.

2. Put the brush in the pot and pour the old vinegar. He must completely cover the bristles.

3, thin vinegar boiled. Put the brush in and cook for a few minutes.

4. Pick up the brush and let it cool. Be careful because first it will be very hot.

5, comb brush, you can do this yourself or use the old flat comb. The base of the brush's bristles will be combed with their overturned loose powder brush. Repeat until you comb the various parts of the paint.

6. Rinse the brush. When a large amount of paint is rinsed under running water, thoroughly remove the brush of its residual power.

7. Repeat the above steps if necessary. You may need to brush it again to cook the vinegar and comb it to recover.

8. Dry brush, which is placed vertically in a container with the correct form of bristles.

Method 4: Dishwashing (paint)

1. Squeeze as many brushes as possible and draw them on a paper towel or cloth.

2. Squeeze the detergent into your hand.

3. Turn on warm water. Short-term trend rotation brush. Rinse and repeat until cleaning is not a trace of no paint. You will need at least three repetitions.

4. Dry the water from the head of the brush, as it may fall out and the handle may rupture and warp. Alternatively, you can clean the brush with a solvent paint every few months to make it cleaner.

If you are using acrylic (latex) paint, you can use acetone (nail polish to remove water) to restore the dry brush. Just soak for a few minutes in acetone and then use soap and water. Repeat until the brush is soft and clean. Stray damage bristles can be removed with tweezers.

If you are using latex paint (aqueous), saturated colors (such as dark green, black, etc.), you will find that cleaning them has "dirty" bristles if they are still full of paint. In fact, this is because things are like this! In order to solve this problem, the cleaning brush mineral oil removes the paint used in the oily component.

Do not let the bristles down or store in the water. Instead, wrap the tip of the paper towel and leave the brush dry in a horizontal position. The brush when the bristles are worn is dry to form the correct shape for the brush to be used in the future.

Hot water can straighten nylon and polyester brush bristles. Hold the brush in the hot water, after 60 seconds, you should see the bristles straight. After cooling, quickly fix the correct position of the bristles with cold water. Do not follow the Chinese brush to perform this process.

If you are in the art of using oil every day, you may find the hands of too cumbersome daily cleaning. Just tried to pack his hand into the pouch and close the bag with its zipper. It is not long to leave the brush in the solvent to shorten the service life.


Even if the paint is turpentine, brushing requires a white spirit. It is less toxic. Don't forget to wash your hands after washing your hands.