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How to paint more evenly

Wall painting is one of the most important processes in home decoration. Usually the finish of the wall finishes, which also represents the completion of the hard part. If you start to arrange the soft clothes, you will find that the wall is uneven. It is very troublesome to re-remediate the construction. Therefore, you must pay attention to evenly paint the paint when painting the wall. Here, I will teach you a few more uniform paint on the wall. Tips.

1, wall cleaning

If you want to be more even when painting, you must do it well in the pre-treatment work. Clean the substrate before painting, so that the surface of the wall can be initially smooth and smooth. If the paint has been brushed on the wall, wait for the primer to dry and then use a fine sandpaper to smooth the unevenness, so that the overall uniformity and finish of the wall after the finish is higher.

It should be noted that when grinding, do not play horizontally. The order of our usual painting is up and down brushing, so it is recommended to polish in the up and down direction when grinding. The texture of the painted paint can reduce the polishing marks on the hand. Also better.

2, color

In addition to the uneven surface of the wall, it is also necessary to pay attention to the coloring of the wall paint to avoid chromatic aberration and uneven color. This is also a very unsatisfactory paint effect. In the coloring, we must first calculate the amount of paint, preferring to buy more and not buy less. Select the main paint and auxiliary paint, and mix them evenly according to a certain ratio during the coloring.

3, paint

Usually, the reason why the paint is uneven is that a large part of the paint is applied to the brush, and the amount of paint is too thick when the paint is first applied, which is one of the reasons for unevenness during painting. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the paint that is not too full when painting. The brush with the paint on the paint is now gently wiped on the surface of the container, and the excess paint on the brush is passed once.

4, paint

In addition to the preparation work, the most important step in order to evenly paint is of course construction. Brushing is mainly divided into three parts: upper, lower and upper. Start painting from the last stop position, first brush up once, then pull back to the starting position, and finally pull up again, a brush is completed. In addition, the paint is usually started from a height, so as to avoid staining the paint and avoid repeated construction.

5, check

After the previous steps, the effect of brushing out is uniform and the final inspection is observed. When monitoring, you need to pay attention to whether there are obvious chromatic aberrations or obvious protrusions. At this time, the light can be hit on the wall, and the effect of painting can be seen at a glance.

Finally, when choosing a paint, try to choose a paint with low environmental pollution, and wear a mask as much as possible during construction, and also avoid splashing paint on the ear and nose.

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