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Briefly describe the advantages of two-layer roll.

        How to make reasonable use of the site when the production workshop is limited? At this point we can choose at this time we can choose double or multi-layer roller conveyor. Under the same space, we can place two roller lines up and down to achieve the purpose of conveying two roller lines, which is not a manufacturer with small production space. This is a good choice.

        At the same time, the double-layer roller conveyor is driven by one motor, which saves the cost of one motor and electric control device compared with the two independent roller lines, which saves the cost for the enterprise, but pay attention to the design. The height between the two layers of roller lines is higher than the height of the material.

        The double-deck roller conveyor also has the advantages of a roller. It has the reasons of large conveying capacity and convenient maintenance. It is applied to the delivery of finished packaging boxes and totes in various industries. The bottom of the object to be transported is required to be flat. And every three rollers are in contact with the bottom.