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Which roller brush and paint brush are better?

Engineering construction, home bedroom decoration needs to be painted, brushing paint needs to use the correct decorative auxiliary tools, currently there are generally brush and roller coating, etc., the two methods of painting each have different lengths, then the next brush and The advantages and disadvantages of roller coating.

First, the advantages of brushing: the new house needs decoration, the brushing of the wall is very important, the brushing method of the bedroom is generally better and more common, brushing the paint, using the paint brush for painting, using the paint The effect of brushing is good, the key is to save especially cost. Moreover, the brushing tool is simple, the construction is convenient, and it is easy to master the skill. Disadvantages: However, brushing also has its disadvantages; the use of brushing is slow and labor-intensive, and if the operation is not skilled, it will cause uneven coating.

Second, the advantages of roller coating: the advantage of roller coating is that its one-time painting area is large, improve the efficiency of painting, reduce the workload, save time and manpower than brushing.

Disadvantages: But there are very few people who are not used by the roller brush, because the brush wastes the paint and increases the cost; and the effect of the roller brush is not satisfactory to some people, and the roller brush wall surface is prone to the appearance of a pockmark, so many people do not I really like to use this method.

The choice of paint brush and roller brush, choose a good tool to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the use of different brushes, do not blindly use the brush.