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How to use the wool brush is correct

1. Before the new wool brush is used for the first time, the bristles should be soaked in warm water for about half an hour, and then the easy-to-remove bristles are removed for use, which can effectively reduce the lint in the use of the wool brush;

2, usually use the wool brush before immersing the bristles before use, food brush, can prevent the wool brush bristles are not smooth.

Second, the cleaning method:

1, wool brush, such as brush oil: use dishwashing detergent.

2, wool brush such as brush water class: use warm water to clean.

Third, note:

1. After washing, the wool brush must be dried before being stored;

2. The wool brush should not be exposed to high temperature during cleaning and use, otherwise it will seriously affect the use effect and service life of the wool brush.

The wool brush has a large amount of paint and good leveling property, and can evenly spit out the paint, so that the surface of the paint surface is smooth, the thickness is uniform, and it is difficult to leave brush lines and bristles on the painted surface, and the hand feels smooth and durable during construction.

The piglet was first used to process the paint brush, and the paint brush was applied to the paints of the construction, decoration, furniture and other industries. The bristle brush is durable and has the effect of achieving a heavier paint finish, while being easy to clean and reusable.

The biggest difference between a silicone brush and a paint wool brush is the effect on the human body. Food brush. The root is easy to clean, and the wool brush is easy to lose hair when grilling. The silicone barbecue brush is sold domestically from foreign trade.

Each has its own strength, both can be baked, the wool brush is fine, but the roots are not clean. The silicone brush has no effect on the human body at the baking temperature. The silicone gel on the rice cooker circle used every day is this kind, which is thicker, but the root is well cleaned. If the barbecue is carbon-baked, it is recommended to use a brush without a silicone brush. If it is an oven grill, both brushes can be used.